Featured image for “Make Your Plans Now to Meet the Envol Team at SOT 2024 in Salt Lake City, Booth 708-UU”

Make Your Plans Now to Meet the Envol Team at SOT 2024 in Salt Lake City, Booth 708-UU

March 5, 2024

Envol Biomedical: Flexibility, Speed, and Accessibility for Advancing NHP Research Needs

The team at Envol would like to invite biopharma companies seeking solutions for their non-human primate (NHP) research endeavors to visit the Envol Biomedical booth at the upcoming Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting (SOT) to be held March 10-14 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City.

SOT is a crucial platform for biopharma industry networking. The annual meeting promotes knowledge exchange and exposure to the latest developments in toxicology and pharmacology. SOT is an ideal venue for companies seeking innovative solutions for their research needs.

Envol’s team, led by CEO Jake McDonald, includes seasoned experts in toxicology, pharmacology, surgical support, and study direction, ensuring comprehensive support for clients’ research initiatives. The following Envol staff will join Jake at SOT and look forward to answering your questions.

  • Ayal Lebow, Director of Business Development
  • Dave Moddrelle, Director of Surgical Services
  • Alain Stricker-Krongrad, Member of the Board of Managers
  • Carlos Thompson Sr., Director of Science and Business Development

Envol: Ready to Help Companies Clear Common NHP Hurdles

Biopharma companies frequently face several challenges when conducting research using non-human primates (NHPs) to get new drugs approved for clinical trials. Some of the more common issues Envol Biomedical has been able to address successfully include the following.

Ethical Concerns: Using NHPs in research frequently raises ethical questions regarding animal welfare. Research organizations often find themselves answering to the moral considerations of subjecting primates to experimental procedures.

Regulatory Compliance: Biopharma companies must adhere to strict regulatory guidelines governing using NHPs in research. Enforcement agencies work to ensure strict compliance with animal welfare laws and regulations.

Costs and Resources: Working with NHPs is expensive and resource-intensive. Biopharma companies operating independently must allocate significant funds and resources for the housing, care, and maintenance of NHP colonies.

Genetic and Physiological Variability: NHPs almost always exhibit genetic and physiological variability. This variability can complicate research outcomes and require larger sample sizes to achieve statistical significance.

Translation to Human Biology: Despite their genetic similarity to humans, differences in physiology and immune response between NHPs and humans can limit the translational relevance of findings from NHP studies to human clinical trials.

Availability and Access: Limitations to access to NHPs for research purposes can crop up due to ethical concerns, regulatory restrictions, and the availability of suitable primate models.

Longitudinal Studies: Conducting longitudinal studies with NHPs can be challenging due to the long lifespan of primates and the need for sustained funding and resources over extended periods.

Addressing these challenges requires careful planning and adherence to ethical guidelines. Envol Biomedical staff can help companies build robust study designs and collaboration among researchers, regulatory agencies, and animal welfare organizations. Our team has years of experience successfully facing these challenges on behalf of our clients.

The Envol Edge: Our Recently Enhanced Capabilities

Envol Biomedical has dedicated itself to professionalizing its organization. Recent efforts include expanding its GLP infrastructure and offering sophisticated capabilities for complex dosing and rapid communication of results. The goal, as always, is to ensure unparalleled support for clients’ drug development journeys.

Additionally, Envol Biomedical is proud to manage the largest population of NHPs in the continental United States, providing an invaluable resource for researchers seeking to advance their drug development programs.

Companies at various stages of drug development — particularly those transitioning from discovery to pharmacology or toxicology evaluation — benefit from Envol’s track record of flexibility, speed, and accessibility in NHP research services.

Schedule a Meeting for SOT 2024…Or Just Stop By!

Interested SOT attendees are encouraged to schedule a SOT meeting with Envol staff or just stop by Envol Biomedical, Booth 708-UU, to learn about Envol’s expertise, resources, and commitment to excellence.

We’d enjoy having an opportunity to demonstrate how Envol can accelerate NHP research initiatives. NHP research is our forte. It’s what we do. It’s how we enable our clients to drive success in their drug development programs.

We look forward to engaging with attendees at SOT and fostering meaningful collaborations that advance the frontier of biomedical research. Join us at our booth to discover how Envol can elevate your NHP research endeavors.

Can’t Make it to Salt Lake City?

Prospective Envol clients who prefer face-to-face meetings for rapid decision-making will have another opportunity to catch up with the Envol team at the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy Annual Meeting, which will be held May 7-11 in Baltimore. Mark your calendars now!