Immunopharmacology and immunotoxicology

Naïve, protein-naïve and non-naïve study subjects

Acute, short-infusion or repeated dosing designs.

General, tissue and cell-specific toxicity evaluations

Inflammation (standard and expanded multiplexed cytokine assays)

Hypersensitivity, inflammatory and allergic reactions evaluations (e.g. CARPA, DTH and cytokine release syndrome)

Complement activation pathways protein assays (single analyte or multiplexed)

Cellular response assays (ELISpot, intracellular cytokines by flow cytometry)

Immunophenotyping (generic PBMC distribution and comprehensive CD markers panels by flow cytometry)

Biomarkers immunoassays (single analyte or multiplexed)

Immunohistochemistry (cell surface or intracellular markers)

Organ-specific or complete histology and pathology evaluation.

Anti-drug antibodies assays

Full clinical pathology support