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Join the Envol Biomedical team next week at the ASGCT 2024 Annual Meeting in Baltimore

April 25, 2024

We are thrilled to announce our participation at the upcoming American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ASGCT) meeting in Baltimore from May 7th to 11th. As experts in the field of biomedical research, we are excited to showcase our latest advancements and discoveries in gene and cell therapy. Our team that will be attending includes:

  • Jake McDonald, PhD, ATS, CEO
  • Diana Scorpio, DVM, PhD, DACLAM, VP and Director of Comparative Medicine
  • Carlos Thompson, Study Director Manager
  • Matt Beck, Business Development Director

We have access to the largest NHP colony in America, and world-class veterinary care. We have 4-week lead times, competitive pricing, and a growing team of CRO industry leaders. We are specialists in CNS dose delivery and many other routes of dose administration. Laser focused on being a leading NHP laboratory to support your needs on non-GLP discovery and we will by GLP by 2025!

Envol Biomedical looks forward to attending the various workshops, abstract presentations, symposiums, and more, making it an invaluable opportunity to engage with thought leaders and gain valuable insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of biomedical research. 

Our team is excited about the opportunity to connect with you at ASGCT 2024 and share our passion for advancing the field of gene and cell therapy. Together, we can unlock new possibilities and transform the future of healthcare.